Images of a scene captured with multiple cameras will have different color values due to variations in color rendering across devices. We present a method to accurately retrieve color information from uncalibrated images taken under uncontrolled lighting conditions with an unknown device and no access to raw data, but with a limited number of reference colors in the scene. The method is used to assess skin tones. A subject is imaged with the calibration target in the scene. This target is extracted and its color values are used to compute a color correction transform that is applied to the entire image. We establish that the best mapping is done using a target consisting of skin colored patches representing the whole range of human skin colors. We show that color information extracted from images is well correlated with color data derived from spectral measurements of skin. We also show that skin color can be consistently measured across cameras with different color rendering and resolutions ranging from 0.1 Mpixels to 4.0 Mpixels.