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We discuss stabilized Galerkin approximations in a new framework, widening the scope from the usual dichotomy of the discontinuous Galerkin method on the one hand and Petrov--Galerkin methods such as the SUPG method on the other. The idea is to use interior penalty terms as a means of stabilizing the finite element method using conforming or nonconforming approximation, thus circumventing the need of a Petrov--Galerkin-type choice of spaces. This is made possible by adding a higher-order penalty term giving L2-control of the jumps in the gradients between adjacent elements. We consider convection-diffusion-reaction problems using piecewise linear approximations and prove optimal order a priori error estimates for two different finite element spaces, the standard H1-conforming space of piecewise linears and the nonconforming space of piecewise linear elements where the nodes are situated at the midpoint of the element sides (the Crouzeix--Raviart element). Moreover, we show how the formulation extends to discontinuous Galerkin interior penalty methods in a natural way by domain decomposition using Nitsche's method.