Application of fuzzy logic techniques for the coordinated power flow control by multiple series FACTS devices

This work describes the development of a fuzzy logic based control system capable of governing multiple thyristor-controlled series capacitors (TCSCs). The main purpose of the presented coordinated control system is the improvement of active power flow control in a power system. The proposed control strategy is quite simple; therefore it does not require intensive computations on on-line computers. The control system has been designed as a real time tool constantly monitoring power flows and generating appropriate control signals to each TCSC to maintain acceptable power flow levels in the normal and N-1 steady-state modes. The prototype control system has been interfaced with power system simulation software to test its effectiveness through nonlinear simulations using the Central European-CIS interconnected power system as the study case. The results obtained are presented

Published in:
pica 2001. Innovative Computing for Power - Electric Energy Meets the Market. 22nd IEEE Power Engineering Society. International Conference on Power Industry Computer Applications (Cat. No.01CH37195), 74 - 80
fuzzy logic based control system;multiple thyristor-controlled series capacitors;multiple TCSCs;coordinated control system;active power flow control;power system control;real time tool;normal steady state modes;N-1 steady-state modes;power system simulation software;nonlinear simulations;Central European interconnected power system;CIS interconnected power system;

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