Modeling and simulation methods to assess EM terrorism effects

High power microwave (HPM) and ultra wide band (UWB) sources can represent a threat for the sensitive equipment of various military and civil targets. The paper focuses on effects on aircraft and discusses the modeling possibilities available today to estimate such a threat for modern airplanes. An evaluation of voltages at the input of electronics, based on measured attenuations of a HPM field in a cavity and induced voltages in the wiring of a car which can be considered as being similar to the structure of an airplane cabling, is presented. This estimation shows the potential danger for the electronics submitted to a low level HPM

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Proceedings. Asia-Pacific Conference on Environmental Electromagnetics. CEEM'2000 (IEEE Cat. No.00EX402), 1 - 4
EM terrorism effects assessment;high power microwave sources;ultra wide band sources;military targets;civil targets;aircraft;modern airplanes;threat estimation;

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