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EEF SCADA system improvement with high level decision functions

High level functions have been implemented in the EEF dispatching center as decision tools for the system operation staff. A real time security analysis software has been in service since May 1986. The software makes use of novel solutions for HV network operation problems. The architecture of the high level decision functions, the data base structure, the analytical functions (state estimation, observability, load-flow, contingency analysis) and the user friendly man/machine interface are described and discussed

    Keywords: data acquisition;load dispatching;power system computer control;


    SCADA system;high level decision functions;EEF dispatching center;real time security analysis software;HV network operation problems;data base structure;analytical functions;state estimation;observability;load-flow;contingency analysis;user friendly man/machine interface;


    • EPFL-CONF-102141

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