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000101196 520__ $$aIn this brief letter Gauzzi & Pavuna (GP) comment on several statements published recently in the Journal of Materials Research by their former co-workers Kellett & James (KJ) in the paper entitled “Ion beam sputter deposition of YBa2Cu3O7-δ thin films”. GP conclude that the KJ paper may be misleading to other workers. The present state of art for ion beam sputtering of cuprates is not the multitarget codeposition, but rather a simple, single target sputtering as reported in detail in Physica vol.182C no.3, p.57 1991, and Physica vol.185-9 p.2563 1991. In reply KJ thank GP for bringing their (GP) comments to their attention. KJ hope that this encourages further discussion and systematic evaluation of the somewhat hitherto underrated technique of YBCO thin film deposition by ion beam sputtering
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