Modèle, architecture et outils pour la modélisation et le déploiement des environnements d'apprentissage multimédias actifs

This work proposes a new way to design and deploy active multimedia learning environments by non-IT specialists. It aims at defining a model, an architecture and appropriate tools which allow producing learning environments by composing existing learning contents which can be regarded as a combination of multimedia contents and services. The application domain of this work is the Web-based experimentation environments. Nowadays, there are lots of software solutions allowing teachers to produce and deploy Web-based courses simply and efficiently. However, the majority of authoring tools proposed by e-learning solutions are based on models which mainly focus on multimedia content publication and orchestration. Nevertheless, these solutions don't allow managing and orchestrating complex resources like the ones integrated in experimentation environments used at engineers training. To model, produce and deploy learning environments which allow integrating not only multimedia contents but also active resources (tools, services) and orchestrating the whole of them is only possible by specific developments. This work purpose is to propose a new approach making it easy to design, produce and deploy such environments by mixing contents and services. To reach our objective, this work has been organized into four phases. Firstly, we started by studying and analyzing some distance experimentation environments as an example of mixed environments. Based on those observations, the second phase of our work proposed a model and a language allowing the design of active multimedia learning environments by composition and orchestration of existing inert and active learning resources. The third phase was devoted to define an edition and deployment architecture for active multimedia learning environment. Finally, the fourth phase was devoted to propose intuitive and graphical approach in order to produce active multimedia training environments.

Gillet, Denis
Lausanne, EPFL
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urn: urn:nbn:ch:bel-epfl-thesis3774-8

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